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Great for Shipping & Packaging Ideas

We took standard 2" packing tape in clear, white and brown (threw multi colored into the mix) and added fun prints! There is nothing standard about a package wrapped in TapeSwell tape. Find your own signature TapeSwell design and start shipping in style!

Consider TapeSwell as a packaging idea for your own business. One roll wraps app. 30 shoe box size boxes. It is easy, affordable and adds that special touch that sticks. TapeSwell is especially popular packaging design for:

  • Packaging shipments for ecommerce stores
  • Packaging prints and albums for photographers
  • Packaging handmade products for Etsy sellers
  • Packaging for pastry makers and confectioners
  • Packaging for event planners, party planners and wedding coordinators

Now start by choosing the base color of your TapeSwell style:

Clear Packing tape Clear packing tape Brown packing tape Colored Packing tape