TapeSwell Decorative Packing Tape: Our Story

 Eileen Eiselee founder  and  creator of  TapeSwell For some inexplicable reason I've always wanted to surround myself with beautiful things. Then, about 15 years ago, I discovered I could become a stylist and get paid to do what I love. I never looked back.

Soon enough, I understood why tape is a stylist's best friend; still, while it was always useful, it also seemed decidedly down market: dull, brown and tacky in every sense. But like anything (or anyone) you hang around with for long enough, you begin to see its possibilities.. One day I realized that, like everything else I work with, tape just needed a modern makeover. TapeSwell was born.

TapeSwell makes the practical pretty and the old new again. Used together or separately, the labels, tapes and wraparounds let you put a personal touch on any box, package or envelope. Think of it as industrial chic and let your imagination run wild. I know mine has.